About Us

Onsite Welder Manchester

We have over 30 years of experience in alloy T.I.G welding. Shop fabrication and repairs, onsite welding and repairs and also onsite welding and repairs where there are no available power supply we can work from our own mobile generator, for a totally self-contained work unit.


Our experience includes extensive work and repairs on alloy motorway signage gantries, working with materials with 10-40mm thickness, alloy structural chassis truck frames (6-15mm thick) alloy fuel tanks (3-6mm thick) gear boxes, sumps , alloy sports car bodywork (1mmthick) , alloy semi-conductors used in the oil industry , mixing paddles for the food industry , alloy containers and frames for the brewing industry, alloy scaffolding frames, alloy welding and repairs for pattern molds (3-40mm thick) and of course alloy car wheel crack and dent repairs.


Our company has always prided itself on our work being of the highest standards and with a timescale to accommodate the timescale required.

For All Your Aluminium Repairs, Carried Out To High Standards
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